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Keeping Clients

The app makes it easier to maintain client contact.

Client Contact

Easier online client contact and making appointments.

Improving Management

Makes the work process and appointment coordination easier.

How can our modernisation pack help you?

  • A custom mobile app for companies
  • A custom online platform to control the app
  • A mobile app which can be used by the clients with Android or IOS products
  • A website with a similar design to the app

What the app can do?

To make sure it will fit your own style you can have your own logo, design and extra wishes on online platforms.

Offline consultation

Offline Q&A library

Appointment reminder

Multiple reminders for the client so that he doesn’t miss his appointment.

Online client contact

If the client doesn’t make a new appointment through the app over a longer time period, the app contacts the client and asks about his wellbeing.

Coin and Voucher System

Every feedback earns a coin, 10 coins can be converted into a voucher.

Medical Advice

Advice for the client by the company before the appointment

Comfortable first consultation reservation

Easy appointment making through the app

Online Waiting Room

User interface for multiple users so that the online ambience is friendlier and friends and family can be part of the company.

Sharing Vouchers

Online gift cards shareable on any smartphone and redeemable at the company. The gift cards can help generate more users!

Sharing the treating doctor

i.e. Sharing the business card of the treating doctor to recommend him to friends

Review of the Patient

By checking patient reviews, you can get a better overview of the functionality of the company

Easy Appointment Coordination

Online on any computer anytime, anywhere

Simple communication with Patients

Patients can be contacted much easier through the app

Trial Month

Do you like it? Try the first month for FREE + we offer free consultation.