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There are frequently asked questions which we already answered in order to save you time!

How long does it take to develop an App?
That depends on many factors. Among others the number of involved developers, the complexity of the system and what features the client wants. First the app gets developed and then comes the test phase which can take up to 1 year.
Why does App Development cost so much?
An up-market app requires a lot experience and manpower. Currently the market value of computer scientists is increasing considerably which effects the market value of apps as well.
Why does the WS App cost 1/5 of its market value?
We developed the app in a way that makes it very flexible. That means with little work we can reach the same effect as with a brand-new app. This is the result of multiple test runs and customizations to individual needs.
Why is it worth investing in an app?
This is a segment that changes very fast. Not only are you investing into the app but also the continuing development behind it as well. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, we make the necessary improvements free of charge.
How much time do we need?
That depends on the agreement. After the initial meeting we’ll contact you and let you know about the exact time we’ll need.
How can I make money by recommending you?
It depends on our agreement. If a cooperation comes about, the mediator earns 10% of the purchase price.